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One of a kind clothes and accessories for the taking

LESS_ was born because we saw a need to create a space for conscious fashion lovers. Since the very launch of the app, we became one of the top Polish marketplaces in the App Store and Google Play. Today, over 700 000 people from all over the world use our services.

Together we change the approach to shopping by giving the opportunity to enjoy life in the vein of minimalism. We organize wardrobes. We inspire to change. We promote a conscious view of consumption. In our opinion, fashion and minimalism can go together. How it's working?


Every item on LESS_ may inspire you to change your approach to shopping. Why would you store unused clothes when you can give them a new life? Doing this, you’ll make room for things that truly matter to you.


Clothes allow you to express your signature style, especially when they’re unique themselves. One-of-a-kind pieces found on LESS_ will help you create exciting looks and mix current trends with your own fashion sense.


The LESS_ community is what makes us special. Using our app, over XYZ users discover unique clothes or accessories, showcase their style, and inspire others to approach fashion the LESS_ way.

Changing the culture of consumerism

With the abundance of ads, Instagram trends, and constantly changing collections of fast fashion brands, it’s easy to think that you simply have to buy new clothes regularly. Well, you don’t, and our app will help you take a stand against consumerism.

Using LESS_, you make a step towards sustainability. You show that you’re done with carelessly buying heaps of clothes or discarding things that are still in good shape. Instead, you give clothes a new life, which is the best way to reduce textile waste.

See how you can extend the life of things with LESS_: